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Allhallows Eve


Allhallows is an opportunity to embrace and participate in the origination of time.
It is when the profane becomes sacred and all ontological objectivity ascribed to the Supreme Being is, momentarily suspended and subjective.
We are all integrated sub-particle participles of the Being regarded as Supreme, omniscient and omnipotent.
All Saint's Day is the enculturated, adversarial reaction of the human spirit to the havoc created by the passage of time.
Veneration of tradition and necessity, celebrated at harvest time, sanctified the labour of the people in the community who made comfort and ease of contingency possible throughout the travails of winter.
All those before us, who had tirelessly endeavored for the privileges we now regard as rights.
All those among us who had tirelessly endeavored for the privileges we now regard as right.
All those after us, who will also naturally fulfill the function of natural rights, unrecognized by the custodial overlords who persist in subjugating and demoralizing the best of us, to the detriment of us all.
There was a time before which we were colonized, when man remained free after birth, to live of his own accord and skill.
When all the elemental forces were venerated and nature, itself, was holy.
Everything holy, everything Supreme, without flaw.
Perfect and necessary, not merely sufficient and repetitive.
All holy.
What it is, what it was, what it will be.
All and nothing, together again. The sacred union of opposites moving towards homogenity.
Nothing and all, left to ponder after having been uncerimoniously divorced.
When once all was one. All was holy. All was venerated.
Respected and feared.
All was hallowed.
All Hallows Eve is an opportunity to remember the past and anticipate the future.
It is, more than any other observed celebration, the sanctification of time.
For what it is, what it was, and so forth.
All Saint's Day is the time to beatify all those around you and embrace the enculturated reflex which saves our souls from abject isolation in the realization that all is One, indivisible and prime.


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