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October 23, 2010

Universal Parasite

Para - sight. A meta understanding of course unrelated and independent to that which it lies beside. Our conscious understanding of our presence and meaning in the universe is "to one side", amiss. Contemporary culture has been fashioned into one in which each individual lives at the expense of the whole without making any useful contribution or return. The whole is understood as the eco-sphere in which we exist. As time is imagined through our understanding of change, however, this sphere of influence is expanding to include more of the emptiness around us. NASA has recently reported detecting frozen reserves of water on the dark side of the moon. More reserves from which the toady Homo sapiens sapiens can use to expand our ranks in order to exploit more resources within the cosmic free market. Just as an intracellular or organocentric true parasite, our population expands exponentially and disproportionately with regard to the limited supply of resource from which we siphon. Not wise enough, however, to engage in commensalism, the human animal consumes all within our reach in an innate desperation to expand and conquer that objective reality which, paradoxically, we are part of. us. Now, that this irrational and pathological vacuum of demand is able to access other objects in outer space, the metaphorically dark and withered hand of econo-demand is poised to cast its diseased shadow of commercialism across the outer reaches of the solar system, and beyond. We, ourselves, are a cleverly disguised black hole, a species commited to the consumption of all that which we can grasp in our meta-scientific, technological hand. If we are unable to consume something, we attempt to destroy it. In order that it may be assimilated into the scrap heap of inorganic waste which our primeval parasitic instinct compels us to accumulate and whitch will trail us throughout the universe. As cosmic tapeworms, the human species leaves its excrement behind or beside its cosmic lair. Once this planet we call home becomes bottomed out, so to speak, we will necessarily turn to the exploitation of neighbouring bodies and resources. Thus have we compromised the very necessity of our being and settled for sufficiency alone. Super sufficient, but unnecessary and becoming increasingly dispensible from a planetary perspective. Cosmic parasitism, hidden behind that which we call religion and politic, is driving us towards the last rung in the spiral DNA lattice. No where left to go. A sheer drop of infinite dimensions. Systemic genocide. Everything organic must go. Its nigh time for cosmic sanitation to begin. The custodians of commerce are gearing up for the big clean. The one which rids what it is from what is was. It all happens in the course of a night. The night which was day, revealing that which was hidden in the deepest recesses of our evolutionary memory. Alas, all wood things must come to an end, particularly the syphilitic spirochete of techno-hubris into which we have inorganically evolved. And return to that from whence it came.
The river Styx has no beginning and no end, only middle.







October 26, 2010

Dead from their graves

El maremoto fue tan grande que hasta los muertos sacó de sus tumbas

(“The tsunami was so big that it even took the dead from their graves”).

-- survivor from May 22, 1960 Chilean Tsunami

"What the earthquake didn't take, the sea took away.
And what the sea didn't take, the looters did."

-- survivor from March 1, 2010 Chilean Tsunami

Prior to Boxing Day, 2004, the word "tsunami" was relatively unknown to the majority of
people across the world. The images that followed on the media embossed the word, both
its meaning and devastating consequences, in the mind of all who witnessed them. Now,
the word "tsunami" is understood by most to be one of the most significant causes of
natural disaster known to humankind.

The term is derived from the Japanese language, “tsu” meaning ‘harbour’ and “nami” meaning ‘wave’. As Japan is an island, much of its citizens rely on occupations associated with the ocean and reside close to its shores. This historical dependency on the sea has allowed the Japanese to both respect and fear its power and has imparted an intimate understanding of the meaning of the word tsunami, which were often noticed in the harbors after seismic activity.

The causes of tsunamis are varied but the mechanics of its generation are uniform.
Tsunamis are initiated by a massive displacement of water which generates a wave train,
or series of waves, that vertically displace the overlying water column. As the water
returns to a state of gravitational equilibrium, after the disturbance, waves are generated
that radiate outwards from the foci of disturbance. This disturbance may be the result of
tectonic activity, underwater landslides of continental shelves, volcanic eruption (both
terrestrial and submarine), explosions, or the impact of cosmic bodies such as meteorites.

The impacts of tsunamis, both in the immediate and long term, can be catastrophic on
coastal and neighboring communities. Besides the immediate loss of life and property
following a tsunami, there is extensive concerns to be raised regarding the contamination
of local water sources from debris and those killed in the tsunamis wake. Disease
epidemics may follow due to the masses of decaying organic matter left scattered about.
This eventuality may be exacerbated by the entire destruction of local infrastructure and
the lack of resources required to mitigate the situation. Local agriculture, livestock and
food stores may be completely devastated by the event and food shortages may also
occur. In addition, there is also the psychological impact of the event on the survivors
who may have experienced significant losses and may require long term counseling for
the management of post-traumatic stress and depression.

The most catastrophic event of the past century occurred on Boxing Day of 2004. On
the morning of December 26, 2004 an earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale
struck off the Northwest coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The earthquake was
caused by the subduction of the Indian Plate which suddenly slid beneath the Sunda
Plate of Eurasia. The tsunami which ensued was estimated to have had run-up waves as
high as 30m (100 ft) along the adjacent coastline and killed more than 240,000 people
in the immediate vicinity. From the epicenter of the earthquake, the tsunami radiated
outward and within 2 hours had claimed 58,000 lives in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India.
The tsunami wave itself traveled around the entire planet, sea level fluctuations of more
than one foot being measured in both California and New Jersey.

The largest earthquake ever recorded in the 20th century occurred on May 22, 1960 off
the coast of Southern Chile. It measured 9.5 on the Richter scale and created a tsunami
that was experienced across the entire Pacific Ocean. Huge tsunami waves of up to 25m
arrived 10-15 minutes after the earthquake, killing hundreds of people, sinking all the
local fishing boats, and inundating half a kilometer inland. The resulting loss of life was
not nearly that of the Sumatran tsunami, but approximately 2 million people were left
homeless by the event. Lives lost resulted from the tsunami itself as well as landslides
and buildings which collapsed during the event and due to the aftershocks which
followed. Lives were also lost in both Hawaii and Japan from the tsunami itself which
traveled across the entire Pacific Ocean.

Tsunamis are one the highest risk causes of natural disaster causing both extensive
devastation locally and, due to their ability to travel vast distances, destruction in many
distant communities as well. More cognizant of the great danger associated with these
phenomenon, preparatory measures have been instituted in many coastal areas to warn
local residents of imminent tsunamis. Unfortunately, these warning systems rely
primarily upon the empirical data collected by seismographic instruments and do not take
into account all the possibilities of tsunami genesis. As the majority of humanity tends to
reside on or in close proximity to coastal areas, more effort should be spent further
developing these warning systems to encompass events that may generate tsunamis
without the measurable tectonic activity currently necessary to alarm those monitoring
the likelihood of these emergency situations arising.



October 28, 2010

Micro DOTS


In August 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic in Africa to be a regional, if not a global, emergency. The cross-sectional survey conducted by Robin Wood et al. in sub-Saharan Africa aimed to determine the effectiveness of the Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course (DOTS) run in this area, also affected by the HIV epidemic, to control TB transmission in the population. In contrast to the last paper studied (Corbett et al.) the authors found that the DOTS program was insufficient in controlling the dissemination of TB in a high HIV prevalence community. This was found to be predominately due to the fact that Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection tended to present itself atypically in HIV infected individuals, remaining asymptomatic or sub clinical in co-infected persons. This finding led the researchers to conclude that the passive case finding strategy of the DOTS program, which relies on self-presentation of TB symptoms, is inadequate in quelling the spread of tuberculosis.
The study to determine the extent of the burden of undiagnosed TB in the presence of a functional DOTS program, within the confines of a burgeoning HIV epidemic, was conducted using a cross-sectional survey of randomly sampled individuals in a geographically demarcated area. The participants of the study gave written informed consent and the study received approval from the Research Ethics Committee of the University of Cape Town. The venue of the study was a single public-sector primary care clinic which obtained sputum samples from participants that were examined for the presence of acid-fast bacilli (AFB). A second sputum smear positive for AFB or culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in requisite growth indicator tubes confirmed diagnosis of TB. Smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) was defined by the inability to identify AFB in the sputum smear but was confirmed by two positive cultures with identical spoligotype patterns which ruled out the possibility of sample cross contamination.
The study found that symptoms were not a useful screen for PTB, being absent in 67% of those previously undiagnosed. Of those undiagnosed individuals found to be infected with TB, 75% were HIV positive. It was found to be a characteristic of HIV/TB co-infection that TB symptoms were often absent or unrecognized. As such, the DOTS program instituted in the area was unable to effectively diagnose the majority of individuals with TB, thereby being unable to control the transmission and infectiousness of the bacterium. For prior to initiation of antibiotic therapy, TB infection in an individual remains highly communicable, despite the lack of obvious symptoms. The study found that 63% of community PTB adult cases remained undiagnosed, as was evident through the cross sectional prevalence study. This reveals that the majority of the community burden of TB was unrecognized by the treatment services available through the DOTS program. The majority of these individuals were HIV positive.
As the mean duration of infectiousness is the main determinant of the epidemic spread of TB, the investigators concluded that it is necessary that more active case finding be implemented by the DOTS program if it is to be successful in controlling the tuberculosis epidemic in Africa. Particularly in HIV positive individuals, a more proactive approach to TB screening is needed in order to control the spread of the bacteria. Passive self-presentation of TB symptoms, which the DOTS program relies upon, will not be effective in controlling the transmission of the mycobacterium agent in HIV endemic areas and more intensive strategies are required if the epidemic spread of TB is to be slowed.


October 30, 2010

Allhallows Eve


Allhallows is an opportunity to embrace and participate in the origination of time.
It is when the profane becomes sacred and all ontological objectivity ascribed to the Supreme Being is, momentarily suspended and subjective.
We are all integrated sub-particle participles of the Being regarded as Supreme, omniscient and omnipotent.
All Saint's Day is the enculturated, adversarial reaction of the human spirit to the havoc created by the passage of time.
Veneration of tradition and necessity, celebrated at harvest time, sanctified the labour of the people in the community who made comfort and ease of contingency possible throughout the travails of winter.
All those before us, who had tirelessly endeavored for the privileges we now regard as rights.
All those among us who had tirelessly endeavored for the privileges we now regard as right.
All those after us, who will also naturally fulfill the function of natural rights, unrecognized by the custodial overlords who persist in subjugating and demoralizing the best of us, to the detriment of us all.
There was a time before which we were colonized, when man remained free after birth, to live of his own accord and skill.
When all the elemental forces were venerated and nature, itself, was holy.
Everything holy, everything Supreme, without flaw.
Perfect and necessary, not merely sufficient and repetitive.
All holy.
What it is, what it was, what it will be.
All and nothing, together again. The sacred union of opposites moving towards homogenity.
Nothing and all, left to ponder after having been uncerimoniously divorced.
When once all was one. All was holy. All was venerated.
Respected and feared.
All was hallowed.
All Hallows Eve is an opportunity to remember the past and anticipate the future.
It is, more than any other observed celebration, the sanctification of time.
For what it is, what it was, and so forth.
All Saint's Day is the time to beatify all those around you and embrace the enculturated reflex which saves our souls from abject isolation in the realization that all is One, indivisible and prime.


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