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Club Catastrophe

There are elemental demons that create fear.
Their our psychological devils creating madness and suffering.
There our children are mercifully spared the immediate consequences of ignorance.
There are devils who prophesied the end. Their are martyred infants cursing us.

C'mon in. Membership's free.
Buy in. Justify existence in material frustration.
In spiritual prostration. In fear.
In money,
we find genuine nihilism.
Dissolution of self in a bigger greed.
One for the ages. One for the damned.
One for a newly engineered consumer.
Sleek and mechanical in design.
The perfect killer.
Stealthy and sure.
Born to destroy.

The elemental design from which our functionality arises appears self-contradictory.
Completely and exhaustively concealed by the elemental stage hands manipulating matter.
It's clear that our functionality was not an investment which was worthy of preservation.
We seem to have been deliberately influenced towards a tacitly understood continuation of an unsustainable cultural elitism which, objectively speaking, succeeds in nothing save destroy.
Currency will consume gnosis.
Obsession with the material realm is necessary in order to conceal the metaphysical consequences of activities understood as philanthropic.
The adversarial nature of how we process information (object vs. subject) and form conceptual divisions (us vs. them) reveals adaptive tendencies which seem designed to perform nothing other than manipulation of elemental form, which the demons lack.
In most cases. Every so often, elemental demons transmigrate into the physical realm and reside in the bodies of the ignorant.
Innocents cannot be used as conduits. Only the ignorant fulfill necessary qualification.
The ignorant anonymously destroy the innocent for capital gain.
Illusory money soaked in the blood of children and the sweat of imperialists.
Ethical excuses are quickly accepted as a moral reconciliation of intentionality.
This reflexive pattern of behavior was designed to conceal consideration of consequence.
We our an engineered product originating from the outside.
What other "creation" on earth is capable of such microscopy?

Money is transmutational sabotage.
If there is one fundamental cosmological constant, it is change.
Every substance in nature exists in a dynamic state of flux.
Particles move, organisms crawl, winds howl.
Economics embodies stasis, there is no movement.
The exchange of currency ostentatiously creates the illusion of change but effects nothing in the physical realm to which it is dependent.
All other substances besides money either exist organically or are directly proportional to the extent of their direct contingency upon natural surroundings.
Money satisfies neither of these conditions yet can mean the reason between health and malady, privilege or prejudice, life or death.
Money is the perfectly engineered conspiracy.
Separating families and defining temporal justice.
The stasis of currency is pathological, like a blood clot, like an embolism waiting to lodge.
Machiavellian conspiracies abound in the capitalist system of functional competition.
Where one is willing to compromise ethic for profit.
Where the bottom line is of more import than any consideration of consequence or effect.
Wear the barker at the sideshow continues to repeat himself regardless of a depleting audience.
Where ancient demons dance in circles around the abyss lined with the skulls of children.
Wear the premise of your own existence seems destined to self-destruct.
In ruin, in static catastrophe, in cannibalism and fear.

Catastrophism is the theory expounding the opinion that all major cosmological change to the planet Earth has occurred suddenly, in an apocalyptic manner. That all major change in the evolutionary chain of existence has been shaped by violent geological upheaval whether from internal or external forces. The age of the terrible lizards came to an abrupt ending when a colossal meteorite impacted with the planet. Another massive body is scheduled through prophesy to enter a specific trajectory and collide with planet Earth in less than four years. The ancient mesoamericans predicted catastrophe or sudden change on 12/21/12. Even though their own civilization would face immanent annihilation millennia earlier, the end date to the sacred calender which was communicated to the ancients from the star people was set in the present age. A truly objective measurement, not being influenced by temporal consideration nor necessity, this date of cosmic change was viewed as an ending in the current structure of time as we measure it. As we draw portentously closer to the cosmic alignment necessary to precipitate prophesied events, we occupy ourselves debating about our effect on the biosphere and the resultant changing climate. Oblivious of the fact that the climate is perpetually changing due to the natural law of dynamism, we fancy the present state of environmental instability as a creation of our own ignorance and consequence. While we wistfully dream of facility and futility, we cast the catastasis and patiently await cosmic evolution.

Tempus fugit.


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