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Sanitary pleasures / Creeping death

Environmental sanitation is only sanctified by those most responsible for compromising its integrity. Complacency to contamination is only natural to those most concerned with cosmetic, temporal trade. Procedural considerations are negligible when compared with the perpetual motion of the vehicle/idea.
As a vehicle, industrial ingenuity has wrought environmental catastrophe.Short-term benefice at the expense of the long-term. Consequence of oblivion is far more condemning to ones sustainability than the oblivion of consequence. The nihilism inherent in industrialized modes of perceived progress (facility) negates our meaning of existence, whereby we attempt to homogenize the multiplicity of form that appears to surround us. The macroscopic view deduces that there is no component of physicality that does not move in circular patterns. Galaxies spin just like atoms. Now, if we can observe that physical reality behaves uniformly at the cosmic, gross, and microscopic level why can we not understand that all is united in motion and hence, there can be no separation from the One. The philosophies associated with both industrialism and capitalism assume an independence of form which is irrational, strictly speaking. These modes of existentialism posit surroundings as separate and distinct in their fashionable fancy.
There is no room in the One for separation and independence as All is whole and fully integrated. Form is an illusion as matter is not a fundamental component of energy and influence. Energy is dynamic, form is fixed by our senses and transformed by our brain into a dynamic entity which can be manipulated and altered to suit the needs of immediacy and facility.In order that the sawmill of souls be comforted in its ruthlessness it must need be mandated as corporeal law that the illusion of physicality be sustained and systematically enslaved to materialism and empirical tyranny. Machiavellian nightmares indeed.

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