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August 12, 2008

Perpetual paradox

The limitations of perception have confounded progress. Stasis is characteristic of confusion. The I is an illusory construct endorsed by those composing adversarial stasis. How can One move forward if stalled by ignorant narcissism? The architects of individuality have nearly succeeded in eclipsing intuitive recollection of unity. In order to eliminate resistance to technological stasis, the custodial powers have perpetuated uncertainty and confusion. This is maintained through the advent of war. Conflict can only be realized through the lens of separation naturally endorsed by those administrative authorities intent on control. The abstraction of meaning encourages isolationism. Solipsism is a cure for torture. Manipulation from a distance is philosophically culpable. The individual is a creation of the mind. Everything can be divided down to quanta. To define physical phenomena through perceptual abstraction and equatorial form defeats realism. Definition is an empirically cursed reaction of materialism. To assume our experience is indicative of our ability to interact with our surroundings on a fundamental level is to become ignorant of the very question: What are we? Were we to ponder, we might. We are not individuals. We are one organism turned against itself. We are cannibals. We are solipsists. Cannibal solipsists intent on abstraction and adventitious discrimination. Separation keeps us competitive. Isolation keeps us hungry and desperate. Desperate for assimilation; weary of the shadows in the cave. Paradoxically, the best method of control is ignorance. One responds more rapidly to surreptitiousness when willfully engaged. Passive reception is no substitute for dynamic involvement. To act is to reject stasis. Individuality is the stasis of solipsism, the concealment of genuineness. This computer does not exist. It is the figment of our imagination and would fail if ignored. So have we, gradually, become figments of our own imagination and failed according to our separation of corporeality. Our corpo-reality has been fixed by our image E nation. Our idea of self has rendered us pliable to the leanings of the industrial corporate death machine deceived into believing exemption from inevitability is yet a possibility. The cons have been conned. The double-crossers have been double-crossed. Through the perpetuation of confusion we have confused ourselves into thinking there is a contingency plan for our failures. Indicative of solipsism, we justify one insular perspective with another. How can light even be expected to escape from such a black hole of reason and hope? Light is a currency with which we will trade in darkness. Time has no remedy for singularity.


August 26, 2008

Artefactual Residency

Science is a form of minimalism whose limited scope hath wrought a wanton arbitration betwixt philology and nihilism. The sparseness of its character accommodates immediacy whilst simultaneously condemning any semblance of meaning or sustenance. Science has substituted facility with futility. What is ethereal in nature will provide nothing other than mistake. A misunderstanding should not entitle one to pathological solipsism. Solipsism is a quick fix for skepticism but lacking the necessary continuity in order to provide identity. For one to know the self may be valuable with regard to perpetuity of concealment; it is not, however, integral to the orchestration of illusion. Science endorses the illusion of technology which is independent of self cognition. Science is a profitable distraction helping to conceal the true nature of things in order that the custodial whores of Babylon may remain present, attempting to seduce the human spirit from its destiny.

Imagine, if you would, a metaphysical machine meant to measure the ontological oscillations of organic objectivity. One can begin to understand that our conceptual framework of Being has been based upon superficial assumption of separation. Holistic sustainability is both mutually exclusive from temporal illusions of self, and mutually exhaustive. Solipsism stands alone and it takes no prisoners. The self is pathological in intent. Due to a degradation in gnostic awareness, the details of misrepresentation are surreptitiously endorsed by those intent on distracting the masses through definition of Being. The ancients were far more intimately aware of the realm of earthly elemental spirits and djinns, whereas we are more obsessively aware of matter and its currency. These positions are polar, the answer lies in the center. Ontological oscillations through time concerning our conceptual understanding of Being has left our enculturated premise one of opposition to the planet Earth. Currently, the ontological assumptions of modernism and empirical materialism has succeeded in separating ourselves from the Source, our Mother, the One.
We must return to the macroscopic perspective of the ancients and view the big picture, understanding that Self is simply an illusion, a perceptual paradox perpetuated by the industrialists . What it is is not obvious yet it is unavoidable. Maintenance of the illusion of self (i.e. the status quo) has developed into a malignancy which the planet can no longer afford to tolerate. It must be discontinued, willingly or otherwise. The status quo cannot accept defeat of the tire(d), old illusion of self and will not discontinue its current course on account of its own volition. It takes a disaster for people to concern themselves. Religion has gradually eroded the veracity of abstraction. And so, we are faced with the otherwise completely avoidable consequences of institutionalized solipsism. Sitting around on borrowed time, debating which alternatives to petrochemicals can be gradually phased in over the next couple of decades and butchering the remnants of any political responsibilities toward the Kyoto Accord. We are still more concerned with how much of the national debt we can neutralize by siphoning all the accessible sands than by how contaminated the atmosphere and the water are becoming. Immediate self congratulatory solipsism has eclipsed our children's future with certain unsustainability. Remaining stoic when faced with obliteration is artificial complacency vis-a-vis logical determinism. The petroleum daemons have cloaked the worship of Moloch in the perpetuity of facility. The butchering of children under the auspices of the petroleum industry has been conveniently ignored by the status quo death machine. Blood for blood. So that modern man may enjoy his autonomous mobility, innocents are murdered in Iraq under governmental straw man illusions of terrorism. The war machine in America is fueled by oil and the blood of children. We are inadvertently supporting this petroleum autarchy by operating motor vehicles due to the fabrication of illusory necessity by the custodial sovereign authorities. A self perpetuating capitalist death machine is the end towards which the means of the status quo has led. Who other than the industrial idealists would have convinced the status quo to be complicit in the acceptance of necessary petroleum addiction? How can we look our children in the eyes knowing we willingly/neglectfully abrogated our responsibilities for the future by accepting the fabricated necessities of the present?
The human being is Time and we seem to be limiting ourselves, due mostly to the ignorance that has been institutionalized and perpetuated by the political powers that be.
Time has no beginning and no end.
Only trans form.
Para bull.
Mining drones are we.
Whining crones we be.


August 31, 2008

Listerical Conviction, Dyeu Ph_ter and the hurricanes

The sky father, Horus, has returned nearly three years later to the southeast coast of north america. Hungry for conviction, our father lurches forward in contempt of territorial consideration. He flies as a falcon, very high in the sky yet always present. The marriage of sky and earth is sacred; planetary eroticism. Luppiter Optimus Maximus shines brilliantly in the heavens on the eve of certain destruction in the United States, somehow endorsing the proceedings in His overt observation. Where do hurricane winds go when they die? They manage to tinkle the wind chimes in Valhalla prior to their transference.
The present food-borne outbreak in Canada of listeria is strikingly similar in its scope. People are perishing and the death toll is expected to rise as the controls set in place to prevent its spread were futile in their design. In order not to generate fear or raise retaliatory action, the implicated food premise could not help but remain mute upon realization of a breach in sanitation. And due to the extended incubation period of the pathological agent, Listeria monocytogenes, even after the product has been pulled from the shelves people will continue falling ill, conceivably almost three months after having consumed a meal contaminated with the agent.
Gustav, the next terrible storm to strike more televisions than people, is gathering strength and conviction through the tragically inconsequential nature of the very contingencies set in place to prevent or mitigate any damage as a result of the storms fury. The endless committees generated to prepare for this day and the amount of resources spent running safety and evacuation drills ad nauseum have been counter productive in the sense of having achieved little if any practical solutions while having perpetuated the industrial death machine through burning more petrol and money than substantially necessary. The heating of the atmosphere through the combustion of petrochemicals and other industrial solvents allows more intimate contact of earth and sky. Pltvy Mh_ter has begun conspiring with Dyeu Ph_ter to purge the planets surface of nemesis.
Meddlesome minds of humans have succeeded only in creating a series of contingencies for responsibility that conceal the macroscopic consequence of our species' inspiration for industrial and technological progression. Hurricanes gather energy as they move across warm waters. Waters which have been conclusively heated due to the self absorbed vector of scientific progress and unreserved human activity. Our necessity for transportation has caused the sky and the earth to open up and reconfigure themselves in a conjugative relation. When the sky turns black and it becomes impossible to differentiate the ground between lightning blasts, you are in the womb of the earth goddess as Zeus furiously enters her loins. Survival can be only prayed for at this moment. There is nothing else left.
The speed of landfall associated with a bird of prey is phenomenal. Large raptors have been clocked at over 240 km/hr during the terminal seconds of capturing their prey. Likewise, tropical storms can expand to similar wind speeds. Jove is oblivious to abstract construct or design and does not lead himself to prediction. Jupiter looms low in the horizon, contemplating Katrina whilst traversing the imaginary extension of Orion's belt. All of this is punctuated by the brief burst of incendiary fire as a meteor enters the atmosphere in the same field of vision. Gustav will be followed by Hanna, pounding any remanents of semblance that might remain. Curfew is in effect. Phrenetic restrictions to mind the mindless.
Listeria is a bacterium common to soil, stream water, sewage, plants and food. Listeriosis, the sickness caused by the agent, is known as a rare and lethal food-borne disease that has a case-fatality rate of 25%. Just recently, meats contaminated with these bacteria were consumed in many provinces across Canada and people are falling ill and dying as a result. The pathogenicity of Listeria can be partially attributed to the bacteria's ability to spread to the nervous system and cause meningitis, a swelling of the brain. Tremor and grand mal and focal motor seizures are more frequent in patients with Listeria meningitis, suggesting more extensive invasion of the nervous system.Direct invasion of the cerebral cortex can result from Listeria infection, but it is not a recognized complication of other common forms of bacterial meningitis. This organism most commonly invades the brain stem causing a syndrome that has been called rhomboencephalitis.Outside of the body, Listeria has flagellar-driven motility, sometimes described as a "tumbling motility." However, at 37°C, flagella cease to develop and the bacteria instead usurps the host cell's cytoskeleton to move.Listeria, inventively, polymerizes an actin tail or "comet", using host-produced actin filaments with the promotion of virulence factor ActA. The comet forms in a polar manner and aids the bacteria's migration to the host cell's outer membrane. Gelsolin, an actin filament severing protein, localizes at the tail of Listeria and accelerates the bacterium's motility.Once at the cell surface, the actin-propelled Listeria pushes against the cell's membrane to form protrusions called filopods or "rockets". The protrusions are guided by the cell's leading edge to contact adjacent cells which subsequently engulf the Listeria rocket and the process is repeated, perpetuating the infection. Once phagocytosed, the Listeria is never again extracellular: it is an intracytoplasmic parasite. It has become evident that Listeria efficiently usurps the host cell's contractile system to facilitate cell-to-cell spread and cause disease. Two other important pathogens, Shigella flexneri and Rickettsia, likewise use the host cell's actin-contractile system to survive and spread.
Industrialism and petrochemical dependency are also forms of intracellular parasitism, the planet being the cell. Jupiter ruminates divinely and spins the clouds in succession to the rythym of the music created by the spheres, accentuating the immune response of the cosmos toward the human agent responsible for the current illness endured by the planet Earth. We are like the Listeria, maverick rockets with no other intent than self-propagation and destruction of the host. Listeria, however, is far more evolutionarily advanced being able to survive outside of the host in the surrounding en-viron-ment whereas we have not yet realized this feat en masse.
Perhaps our fate is one of inevitable exhaustion, as our host becomes alerted to our injurious presence and innate fragility in design. A better end to the fable of human import could not have been written, only engaged through oblivion and catastrophic fallacy.


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