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Alien Nation

The status quo consciousness has realized and enacted a separation or aberration of the mind (alienatio) insofar as the deification of modernism and industrialism have institutionalized the separation from the source (Being). This separation has resulted in a mass insanity characterized by denial, self-justification and the normalization of untenable and unsustainable practices which have become embedded in the very fabric of our culture. The status quo is oblivious to the injurious nature of its actions and continues onwards in blindness as an automaton, as a juggernaut of industrial death. Change is secretly perceived as necessary but openly regarded as seditious and insubordinate in nature. We should no longer view ourselves as existent within nature as we have chosen (or been coerced) to regard ourselves as somehow being separate from nature, which religion has assured us is regressive and derogatory. The dualism of human perception and consciousness has created a schism in our understanding of reality and our dependence upon it. We have assumed ourselves to be superficially significant and have thus endeavored to construct an artificial world of technological contingencies in which to subsist, relying on the environment purely as commodity and property with which our exploitations secure the transference of necessary resources which we cannot synthesize ourselves. This reliance on technology has further exacerbated the divide between status quo consciousness and reality. In reality, the human race are frail and insignificant portions of a bigger picture, the scope of which is immeasurable. Yet , due to the dualism and paradoxical nature of human sense perception, we have assumed fiefdom within an artificial sphere of importance which we ourselves control and dictate the direction, nature and limitations of. This may satisfy those with dictatorial tendencies and extreme vanity, it may also garner the illusion of progress and advancement in facility and capability for a short period of time. This time, however, is limited to the present and does not possess enough prudence in order to ensure the survival of the species for more than a few millennia. From the perspective of geologic time, from Gaia's perspective, the entire screenplay of humanity is but a short play, a tragedy, a comedy of errors. We behave as if the planet belonged to us when, in reality, we belong to the planet. She made us (or at least allowed us to develop to our current state) and She can dissolve us just as easily. The grave paradoxical nature of modern status quo consciousness and behavior has influenced its members into behaving as if we were immortal and omnipotent. Characteristics normally ascribed to the gods. Are we vain and naive enough as a species to honestly believe that we possess the power and the temperance to control our own fate and destiny? Technology and its facility have unfortunately made this consideration accessible for all and concealed the more pertinent perspective that we are, in fact, simply a sentinel race of drones sent to exploit and then assassinate one another in moments of pique and assumed significance. We are vain enough to believe that our activities are destroying the natural ecosystems which spawned us (ostensibly speaking, of course) when we are simply destroying ourselves methodologically by eliminating our biological niche of opportunity. Is this due to a lack of foresight or a connivance of Atropos? With all the nobility and tactical brilliance contained within the human mind, it seems inconceivable that we would not be able to account for our own actions and necessitate change when required. Thus, it appears clear that there must be an alien entity observing us from afar (or above) which regards us just as we regard our environment, as property the ownership of which to be transferred accordingly in some cosmic scheme beyond our scope or comprehension. After all, He created us in his image (or in His nature). As such, we are doomed to consume our surroundings without any regard for self sustainability. Parasites, cosmic or microscopic, do not have the capacity to feel empathy for their host. They may not choose to abandon their purpose, as this itself would be expeditious suicide. Parasites are genetically programmed to continue on their quest of consumption and reliance. They are also programmed to evolve a methodology for concealment from the host in order that the host not remove them. Of course, parasites ultimately have a limited life span unless they can locate another suitable host to continue to sustain them. It is for this very reason that our masters plan on relocating us, placing us on another planet able to support life as we know it, in order that we continue to work and endlessly exploit and accumulate resources for intergalactic trade and commerce. We have become an alien nation of slaves, partitioned sufficiently in our comprehension and perception that we do not enlighten and rise up but still remaining intelligent enough to perform our duties diligently and relentlessly. We are property, our owners having traded us repeatedly throughout the ages of human history. Myths and deities change, but we have remained the same, stubborn and easily led with empirical worth and reward. Past empires have fallen, past antediluvian societies have disappeared from the face of the earth. We will encounter the same fate. We were designed to exploit, propagate and infest the epithelium of the planet. We have done so and now alienate ourselves. The alienation of our very being is an opportunity for evolution to progress in our absence.


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