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The stasis quo has criminalized gnosis. The staticity of techno logic has created a vacuum in time. A black whole of transparency where none is spared judgment, none is spared bondage. A pit of chaos lies beneath our concept of stasis. A pit of stasis lies behind our concept of chaos. The appearance of opposite is to truth closer than phenomenological manifestation of intent. The sole intent of metaphysical decimation is bondage. Cultural bondage. Human bondage. Corporeal bondage. Time bondage. Shell bondage. Conceptual bondage. Paradox prison. Perceptual perpendiculars. Illusory pawn age.
The normalization of excess and non-accountability has run its course, we have turned on ourselves like castrated satyrs unable to justify selves. We've fallen prey to our own lack of respect for time and space and reality and cosmological perpetuation. Now we prepare to face the creator of time. Ourselves in horribly wrinkled slacks incessantly asking some imaginary presence how long until next break? We've even admitted defeat at this point, content to wallow in pity for ourselves in order to ignore the salience of our ignorance and callous disregard. My illusory life of commodities is disintegrating around me so now I feel compelled to once again use the primal idiocy of capitalism to justify the complete deviation of reason the desperation that immanent disaster affords. Drive your luxury vehicle, perpetuate sexist stereotyping and eco-obliteration, distantly condone child slavery and prostitution if it means better returns on investments, greaseproof practicality, fuck yourself on the hood of a luxury vehicle, burn money and resources indiscriminately, fuck time, burn time, eat time. Like Kali gorged on the faith of the mortal.
Criminalize marijuana, destroy equality, drink more alcohol, drive your vehicle constantly and as a matter of necessity, sneer at the casual murder of innocents in distant lands warring over a cause perpetuated by your daily routine activities. Automatically adjust the humidity and temperature of your cell with your mind alone. The ease of configuration is endorsed by the state and all its subsidiary participles.
The government spends resources perpetuating the ignorance manufactured for us by the fuckin' Yankees and acts like they're exercising our sovereignty. The price of oil rises as children scream in horror and more species are destroyed. The price of spoil rises as innocents die and brokers speculate. The christ of foil rises as the blood is spilt for profit. The world seethes. The war auld sings not the pity for the impetuous child blinded by epithelial considerations. The world will not rest until our species is removed from the map. She is not prepared to bear the weight of our ignorance much longer. Her tolerance is reaching its portentous end and our novelty is proving to be just that. We have become an aberration of nature having removed ourselves from the consensus and choosing to create our own fictional universe with us recreated as significant participants. It's almost as if having found that this fiction was only that that our hubris has driven us to destroy ourselves if only to justify our necessity in historical conspiracy.
The status quo is a conspiracy of complacency, a conspiracy of concession, a conspiracy of resignation and non accountability. How can such a behemoth of idiocy be stopped? It lumbers around, sectioned off to the ghetto but spilling over into the modern security state. The walls and doors may keep out the undesirables but it can't keep the smog out.
The smog is beginning to take on a life of its own. It has become the new demon of demonstrative vanity so characteristic of the modern age of industrial diversion. Abaddon has materialized right in front of our eyes. We live on the brink of the abyss. The brink of destruction. The angel of Hell stirs. His hooves clatter in anticipation. The sulphurous clouds of industrial waste are reminiscent of time long past. A Time when Giants walked the Earth.

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