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The reconciliatory dark techno earth goddess

She's back. Mother nature reigns supreme. The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to It. Somehow, we have confused the obvious with the opposite. Homo sapiens sapiens acts as if we are the be all and end all. Literally speaking. We're not going to rest until we've succeeded in achieving exactly what we were created to accomplish. The human race was simply a means to an end not, as we were led to believe, an end unto ourselves. We were created in order that certain geological deposits could be both extracted and refined. The purpose has now been altered to suit the situation to that of global biocide. Initially, however, we were created to extract and refine substances which would not pollute the atmosphere but allow our creators to accomplish a certain task they themselves were not physically capable of realizing. As beings of pure light, the masters cannot necessarily manipulate matter in the manner they feel compelled to achieve. So they created us by hybridizing apes with themselves. They've been refining our genetic codex ever since and are now prepared to liquidate their assets and retreat with a few test subjects for the next colonization event on a different planet within this space time continuum. They are prepared to liquidate their assets and leave due to the simple fact that they've completed the vampiric extraction they created the human race in order to achieve. Our masters are cosmic vampire pirates able to travel vast distances through space and time, seeding certain planets that they've deemed both biologically and chemically significant with portions of their own gene code in order to accomplish what all Life strives to accomplish: sustainable continuity. Some valuable commodities were detected on planet Earth for the cosmic sustenance of our Masters. So here we are. As it turns out though, we're done doing what we were put here to do, and over time have developed an ego large enough that it is easily manipulated and ingratiated to the point of self-destruction. Our creators were cognizant of this eventuality at the time of our creation. As an embedded contingency plan our race was created with the self destructive potential a resolvable temp worker requires in order to remain truly valuable. See? So now we've resorted to the liquidation phase when the air is squeezed from our lungs like the morality has been wrung from our immortal souls. The human race is in full self destruct mode, ready to initiate apocalypse wherever and whenever it suits the custodial masters cloaked in their light bulbs. Like a black hole, the masters encourage the planet to devour the human race which has, in effect become time itself. Time is not existentially significant when considered from the macro-conscious perspective of Mother Nature. Time, and hence ourselves, has become a singular anomaly who's destruction is essential to the planet itself as a sentient Being to which we cling like a parasite to its host. Commensual parasites do not intend to insult their hosts as this is counter productive to their continuance. Clear evidence in this illusory singularity that our species was created by outside influences as no other natural entity threatens the very existence of Gaia. The fact that we've resorted to instinctual suicide using the very methods that we were designed for originally corroborates with this mad theory. We're literally asphyxiating the entire planet through our activity of extracting and transforming petroleum deposits so we can exert as little effort as possible while enjoying the benefice of locomotion. Loco motion. We've seconded that motion, refining the poison we now regard as essential for sustenance of our modern lifestyle and spewing into the air to be concentrated and compounded by our children. What kind of fucked up pervert could even deny that through our actions, observed from a macroscopic perspective, we've all become pedophilic pederasts, condemning the entire future of humanity to life on a cosmic garbage scow. Repent thee sinners. Stop supporting the petrocalyptic death machine thats' sole purpose is the destruction of the planet. Stop driving your fucken car. Through the operation of our motor vehicles WE'RE ALL MOTHERFUCKERS. It's all right. Smoke another hit. Fuck another stripper. Mow another lawn. Convict another perp. It's all the same, distraction from the truth. By driving your car, you're killing my children, you're killing your children, we're killing ourselves because we're too busy to account for our own actions macroscopically speaking. Pity. I rather liked parts of this illusion we call reality. The conspiracy runs so deep even the protesters are in on it. We're all guilty of ontological treason, having mistaken the illusion of individuality for an exemption of responsibility toward the big picture. The Earth goddess. Coming soon to theater ne'er you.

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