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The Petrocalypse Looms

ad extremum

Petro Kali Lips. Come to devour us all. Pharmaceutical smog. The zombie smog, reducing all exposed to blood thirsty petrocalypse machines. Come to think of it, that's exactly the observation that provided the impetus necessary to initiate this project.

(05/23/07) Fifteen yr. old boy shot and killed while @ school in TO. No where is safe within the boundaries of the petrocalyptic reflexive idiot daemon-god regime which now encompasses practically everything and everywhere. The idiot technodaemon has perpetuated its own repetitious sequence of relentless ego dominance and alienation of Mother nature. Fear of one's accepted creator inspires servitude yet also harbors resentment and violent countenance. Wallowing in self only obscures, rather Con seals the Con spear AC. The illusion of individuality proved an invaluable tool for the deceptive paternalistic powers that be. By ingratiating the selfish and insignificant, the custodial powers have succeeded in concealing absolute metaphysical reality and replaced it with a literal virtual reality of fake tits and fast cars. Prefabricated enculturation of techno hubris without a trace of ethical contemplation. If we all driving our cars tomorrow, the atmosphere could at least pause in its degradation. Of course, we can't. Tacitly we choose death over temporal discomfort. Rather than rock the boat, we feel comfortable in choosing a suicide course for the future conveniently culminating at an opportune occasion beyond our scope of existence. More tornado warnings in the prairies as extreme atmospheric phenomenon drift upward into Canada. T'would be poetic justice for the majority of storms to concentrate out west where all the dino juice is being vampirically siphoned from
Mother Earth's mantle. Having alienated ourselves from Nature we now face certain reprisal as to confuse the sum of the parts with the whole is not only foolish, but certain doom.

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