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November 16, 2013


Super Typhoon Haiyan was the 25th named tropical storm this year in the Phillipines.
They called it Yolanda.
Whatever you wish to refer to the storm as, it remains the same.
The death machine.
From space, the satellite images show the storm as it is.
The Eye of Horus.
The spinning wheel of destruction, rotating in a counter-clockwise fashion.
Very little can withstand sustained winds of over 300 km/h.
Not even hope.
For the aftermath is proving to be just as, if not more, deadly than the storm itself.
2 million homeless, 3600 confirmed dead, 1000's missing, disease loomimg.
Dysentery, septicemia, respiratory viruses.
All the microorganisms love a breakdown in infrastructure and sanitation.
They flourish in times of need.
The pungent stench of decay, not enough body bags to dispose of the dead.
Worse than Hell.
Haiyan was the most well developed tropical stprm yet.
A sign of things to come.
As us humans continue to emit the toxic by-products of our vanity into the atmosphere,
The atmosphere continues to heat up,
Generating more potent storms, with truly terrifying consequences.
While the privileged profit, the vulnerable suffer on a global scale.
Unfortunately, corporate greed has no ethical check or concern with consequence.
The only long-term plan or sense of prudence is finesse of finance.
To Hell with moral and social obligation.
They do not tanslate into profits.
We will raise a white flag while burying the children of the future.
This is our mantra for progress.
For fear of losing our minds, our books, our world.
In the subterfuge of Horus.
The Aye of the Illuminati.
Play now, pay later.
Now is the later, we have shown up early for later.
We have shown up late for early denial classes.
Now we must wait and remain reticient in the real time.
Holding on to whatever excuse is convenient to use.
When asked about Haiyan, and all its brethren.
The Super Storms, pumped up by human greed and vanity.
Ready for a fight, ready to destroy, ready to blow.
Through a neighbourhood near you.
When you least expect it, how you least expect it.
Just as it is.
Like an eye in the sky.




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