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March 10, 2009


The beginning was dark, the end will be well lit. Custodial fireflies, mechanical viruses designed to malign. We've mistaken them for proof of a benevolent god, yet these devils defer to no one. The custodial entities that watch, influence and control us have created their own myths in order to disguise themselves. Aliens that can enter our spheres of existence and leave just as quickly. Observers of cosmic effect in motion. The custodial collective gathers as the galactic alignment finely positions the magnetic fields necessary for opening the aperture to infinity. The fifth dimensional beings we perceive as pop-art aliens due to the limitations of our electromagnetic capabilities are amassing for the spectacle of era. Unable to cloak their own waste, their con-trails line the skyline at dusk. The big cosmic O is nearing and all able wish to observe. The watchers are hypnotized by the culmination of events that proved millenniums in the making. The end of the current series of circumstances always leads one to contemplation and sentimentality. The custodians are no different in that respect, having gathered their intergalactic armchairs for the big light show. I use the term "light" very loosely, referring to the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum. The vast majority of cosmic particles exist on portions invisible to our abilities. Thus the majority of radiation bombarding our planet is concealed from us. The custodians are able to alter their vibrational frequency and virtually cloak themselves from our perceptions in this manner, through the knowledge of our limitations. Yet, they also can physically manifest themselves within the visible spectrum when necessary or beneficial to their selfish cause: to acquire the energy necessary to avoid the catastrophic climax of our solar system. Rather, to harness the energy released through this event in order to preserve themselves. We will be witness to the end as we know it. A new beginning will not include such physical chains of existence. Our souls will be liberated through quantum mechanics and transconfigured into light. Like a Greek tragedy, the climax of our story will be steeped in cosmic pathos. UFO sightings are on the rise as raptured souls flood into the space created by greed and conceit. The great O, like the quivering quim of Titania, is all encompassing and final. The dissolution of time and space will expand those prepared for the cosmic restructuring plan; for others, the abolishment of the ego will serve to dissipate their being. It's all a matter of perspective. Everything is relative. The extinction of our species will be a significant event from our perspective, to that of the cosmos not so much. You see, the precession of the equinoxes occurs on such a level as to not concern itself with consequence. The magnetic unity in the moment is reward enough from an energetic and universal point of view to merit peripheral destruction of a few satellite systems which we just so happen to inhabit. Oh yes, of course, our evolution has been engineered by the custodians of existence to necessitate our participation in the Omega. The custodians are the attorneys of eternity, playing our sentiments of individuality to precipitate cosmic unity. Cosmic genesis only occurs from the artifacts of existence. Paradoxically, it may be that we somehow provide the very energy necessary for our own destruction. At any rate, the ancients have been boding the winter solstice of 2012 for longer than we have been justifying the sacrifice of our natural surroundings for immediate gratification. The fact that we have not collectively heeded this warning simply illustrates how erroneous our logical and technological pursuits have become over the last 6, 000 years. Then again, maybe the aliens are to blame for misleading us, through bogus epistemological schemes and ontological illusion. Any creature who would sate its own desires without the prudence necessary for sustenance is far too easily controlled and influenced to be entirely coincidental. Like dim-witted lab monkeys, we have actively participated in our own extinction by not spending our energy determining a way around these small dilemnas of space and time chaotically rocketing our way. Just as in the lab monkey, we realize far too late that those ostentatiously empowering and sustaining us are solely interested in our hides. Our cloaks. Our curtains of cosmic concealment. All will be revealed for that which it must be within the next three and three quarter years. This is the only certainty remaining as we blindly catapult towards cataclysm. Quickly; take your seats, the stage hands are gathering and the lights are about to go up ...




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