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November 25, 2008

Zombie Assassins

Bureaucrats all doped up on tetrodotoxin bulge grotesquely as they strain for a better perspective of the biological target they have been conditioned to recognize and destroy. By confounding the progress of reason and enlightenment, the administrators of necessity and neglect lounge in comfort while dictating what is meant by meaning.
The real conspiracy is one of systematic negligence for ones own actions and responsibility towards the future.
When you first wake in the coffin, all you can smell is peat. The darkness is absolute and the air runs thin as you scream in horror at what you have recently endured. The experience of having been fully conscious while being pronounced dead and buried alive was enough to obliterate any ego that remained intact afterward. As the Houngan digs you out of the ground, you feel as if born again; willing to follow the master's beck as if in unconscious thanks for your rebirth.
In a fog of peripheral anesthetics and hashish, your saviour explains to you that in order to remain in favour of the supreme one / unknown superior you must kill specified political targets.
Having just lost everything through the seeming reincarnation of the self, your fragmented personality searches desperately for meaning and purpose. The systematic destruction of specified individuals seems reasonable retribution for having been plucked from the hand of Atropos. With more hash and reconditioning, you'll kill anything necessary to ensure your position in paradise or its reasonable facsimile.
This experience is played out endlessly in modern Western civilization as the status quo fashions zombies out of all available citizens. Working toward some unseen and unrealized potential of fantastic facility, we are all zombies. The industrialized establishment are the Houngans who have revealed the electric lights and transcendental sirens previously unheard by our independent and autonomous minds, buried by our own ideals and expectations. Invigorated by the lights and the accessibility of excess, all previous thoughts of truth and universal justice are instantly sublimated by the dynamic heat of Hathor as she spins.
Self has died, citizen has been reborn, and the target of malice which must be sought out and destroyed has been clearly delineated.
Here's your ball of hash and here's yer gun. Here's some pictures of the enemy, the one who maneuvers to remove all the privilege you have received.
Kill the infidel and be blessed. Become a martyr before dying. All you have to do is spill the blasphemous blood of those who oppose us, who attempt to thwart our plans for world domination and biological destruction.
Kill those with a voice who spread the word of the liberated and inspire hope and spiritual beatitude.
Destroy any who threaten to awake the masses before the planet can be exhaustively plundered and irreversibly polluted.
Murder any voice challenging the status quo slumber who moves to unify the majority in intent.Do not allow any voice to distract from the material illusion concealing the true substance of organized industrial progress. Prohibit any idea of community and cooperation. Prevent any motion to preserve any aspect of the environment which might prove problematic towards the goal of world destruction. Don't ask questions, just follow the queue of zombies to the ammunition outlet and choose your target ...
Cut down all in your way who seem to prevent your actions.
Cut down all those who inspire hope and freedom of thought.
Just like Benazir Bhutto. Just like J.F.K. Just like Politkovskaya.
Just like that.
History can be writ. Altered to suit an unfathomable purpose of revision.
Derision, division, television.
Let's harmonize genocide.
We are all killers.


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