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March 3, 2008

Ad hoc calypse porn

Meant to conceal for this specific purpose: to retain control through the limitation of realization. In order to keep people perpetually deceived, it is imperative to conceal the truth regarding the magnitude of environmental catastrophe our industrial activities are reaping upon the planet. As long as we are convinced that we must continue behaving as we have been for the last century in order to maintain our lifestyles and our standard of living we have become accustomed to, we will not realize the grave consequences of our actions until they've become irreversible. Even though we have, by all accounts, already reached this point of somber insolvency the custodial powers that be are committed to keeping us in the dark. Just keep consuming, continue driving your vehicle around in circles of futility, and ensure the supportive masque of death that underlies the capitalist psychosocial genocide mechanism remains steadfast in its loom. Don't question the ethics that have been artificially supplanted in your subconsciousness by those tyrants of necessity that market your wants and desires through the enshrinement of ignorance. The enslavement of the human race through materialism has been facilitated through the inherent lack of critical thought present in the majority. Ideas will be accepted uncritically as long as they are packaged attractively and appear immediately non-threatening and benign. There is, however, a price for every benefice and advantage assimilated without thought of consequence. The natural world is consistent in its reconciliation of opposites. What goes up must come down. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every dog has its day. Even the black dog we are now courting as we selfishly press onwards in our narrow and insular philosophies of accumulation and non-accountability. The intoxication of our natural surroundings have begun to prove empirically detrimental to our health. Increasing incidence of disease, acceleration of environmental degradation, accumulation of endocrine disruptors in our drinking waters through the influx of industrial effluents, skyrocketing rates of cancer and chronic conditions of malady in the youth, alarming extinction rates of thousands of species of amphibians, birds and mammals. The list goes on and on. But no one is paying attention. They're too busy allowing themselves to be entranced by the pussy of prestige that accompanies wanton commercialism and perceived advantage. As long as we are content in our little bubble of bullshit we've accustomed to calling home, we are oblivious to the dissolution of reality all around us. I am ashamed to think that the only thing our children shall inherit from the present generation is our waste. The only legacy that modernism will leave our children is one of hatred and denial. The genesis of fetish through the wanton enculturation of opposition. In our haste to assimilate, we have forgotten our past and we have denied our future.

Only in our haste to fulfill apocalyptic prophesy would the most valued commodity (oil)
Be the very poison through which we condemn ourselves.

Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned,
only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find out that money cannot be eaten.
[Cree Prophecy]


March 19, 2008

White Trash

As the seasons change and the snow melts, the refuse of our exploits are resolved in the tragic irony of indifference. All the garbage discarded expeditiously in our haste is revealed for observance. For months the snow has concealed our callous discharge of superficiality, its retreat and dissolution exposing our true negligence of duty. The disrespect with which we so casually disregard our environment becomes clear when the trash of an entire winter of convenience comes out in the wash. Fast food packaging, industrial flotsam, soiled prophylactics, the skulls of a million forgotten children, spent syringes, battered jerry cans, ignored and abandoned responsibilities, all is revealed in the spring thaw. All of our inadequacies and criminal betrayal of reverence, all of our waste is indicative of our ignorance and subjugation in our relationship with Mother Earth. The mounds of garbage can be landfilled, incinerated or chemically dissolved but they cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Just as we are driven through our corrupted conscience of utilitarianism to objectify that which cannot be defined, we continue to feel compelled to transform our surroundings from what is beautiful and sacred into the scarred landscapes of our own subconscious guilt and self-loathing. Two thousand years of trash litters the grounds of our personal self-justification. We turn a blind eye while the landfills swell and leach into the ground water, further contaminating what little potable sources remain. Media hypnotism and mantras of materialism have nurtured a culture of destruction, a culture of hatred and denial. If the height of industrial progress is to be the fashioning of mechanisms which obliterate our observations of ontological necessity, then we seem to have already succeeded in destroying ourselves. For if progress can be distilled down to nothing other than egress, we have failed in our attempt to move forward and simply wallow in our own refuse such as contemptible self-limiting parasites. How long can we sustain ourselves on garbage before we coil into tetanic shock? The air we breathe, the food we consume, the water we drink is all saturated with plastics and metals, with synthetic pheromones and endocrine disruptors, with teratogenic compounds developed solely to transform our own genome into an android of condemnation and toxigenic reprisal. Mountains of white trash loom on the horizon as the drums beat those remaining into a cabal of cannibals with all attention focused on the cacophony of digitized death emanating from a monolith of industrial doom.


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